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Do you resent your varicose veins or spider veins? Why not resolve them instead? New Jersey Vein Clinic treats veins in a matter of minutes with innovative techniques.

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Why Select New Jersey Vein Clinic?

  1. Our NJ vein doctors are world-class physicians. Some vein clinics in New Jersey hire estheticians, dermatologists, or doctors who aren’t certified in venous medicine. If you want safe and successful vein care, choose New Jersey Vein Clinic’s doctors, who are all certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. They’re chosen by our world-renowned medical directors for extraordinary performance in medical school and residencies prior to joining us. Our vein specialists are expert doctors and also expert communicators, who keep you fully informed. Click here to learn about our exceptional vein doctors.

2) Our NJ vein clinics boast 5-star reviews. If you’re looking for the “best vein clinic near me,” see what patients on Google, Facebook, and RealSelf say about New Jersey Vein Clinics. The vote is unanimous– Our vein clinics provide incomparable results. Check out our reviews by clicking here.  

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3) Our vein treatments are one-of-a-kind. New Jersey Vein Clinic uses modern equipment, operated by doctors trained in the latest methods, for results you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, each of our patients is a unique case for us. We cater the vein treatment specifically to your symptoms, goals, and lifestyle. We can treat vein disease, and can also erase damaged veins from your view, often with a single procedure. Our vein clinics in Clifton, Paramus, and Woodland Park have the most comprehensive solutions in New Jersey, so visit us for individualized care. Click here to learn which treatments we provide.

4) Our safety standards set the industry precedent. Our New Jersey vein clinics hold the elite distinction of dual accreditation. This means our doctors, tools, and services passed an all-encompassing review to achieve recognition, not just in one discipline, but in both venous imaging and venous medicine. Patients are in the best hands at our spider and varicose vein clinics. Read how our dual accreditation enhances your safety here.

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Ready to resolve those veins once and for all? Visit our esteemed vein clinics in Bergen County and Passaic County today!

Vein Treatments

Why are we leaders in innovative vein treatments? Take a quick look to the treatments we offer!

Sclerotherapy - vein treatment performed by Harvard Trained Vein Doctors in New Jersey (Clifton and Paramus)


Sclerotherapy is a process that involves vein injections with a medicine called sclerosant.

RF Ablation in New Jersey by Vein Specialists

Radiofrequency Ablation

RF Ablations is a minimally-invasive procedure to get rid of the unhealthy veins.

Laser Ablation

LaserAblation is an in-office procedure to treat Chronic Venous Insufficiency, performed under local anesthesia.

Venaseal vein treatment in NJ


Also known as vein glue, is an effective, safe and unique treatment for varicose veins.


ClariVein is an endovascular technique to treat varicose veins. Is one of the latest and more effective procedures.

What are your symptoms?

Experiencing heaviness, cramping, or unsightly veins?

Experience life without the pain of varicose and spider veins. We provide minimally-invase and non-surgical varicose vien removal treatments. Vein Treatments in NJ are covered by most major medical insurances, including Medicare. Our team of insurance specialists in New Jersey will help you verify your coverage ASAP. Your vein disease free life awats, let’s move forward together!

Our Vein Experts

Meet our team of New Jersey vein doctors

Our NJ Vein Clinic specializes in spider and varicose vein treatments for women and men. Our Harvard Trained Medical Directors ensure the implementation of modern techniques and state of the art technology to relieve pain and improve our patient’s quality of life. 

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Thank you Vein Treatment Specialists of New Jersey! After 15 years I’m wearing dresses again

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