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Why tolerate spider veins or varicose veins when they can be gone in an instant? The esteemed doctors at New Jersey Vein Clinic treat them quickly with minimally invasive methods.

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Our Patients Frequently Asked Questions

What doctor treats varicose veins?


A vein doctor or vascular surgeon treats varicose veins and spider veins.

What is a doctor who specializes in veins called?

Doctors with specialized training in vein treatments are called phlebologists. They are specifically trained to diagnose vein-related problems, such as spider veins, varicose veins, and chronic venous insufficiency, and treat them using minimally invasive procedures.

Why Select our Vein Doctors in New Jersey?

Our NJ vein doctors
are the foremost
vein experts


At some vein clinics in New Jersey, you might be treated by estheticians, dermatologists, physician’s assistants, or doctors who aren’t trained in venous medicine. But only vein doctors provide the comprehensive care you need for lasting results. All patients at our New Jersey vein clinics are seen by a certified vein doctor who was handpicked for their unrivaled expertise. Our physicians provide a matchless experience for patients, complete with the highest safety protocols and the ultimate compassion and communication. Our vein doctors will surpass all of your expectations.

Our NJ vein doctors are world-class physicians.

Each of our doctors is a leader in the field of venous medicine who sets the standard for all other NJ vein centers. Our esteemed physicians frequently train other doctors on our superior diagnostic and treatment techniques. Our Harvard-trained medical directors developed superior systems and the highest safety standards for each of our centers to follow. Each doctor at our vein centers is a highly qualified, board-certified vein expert, and also an expert listener, adept at customizing treatment to the individual. You’ll never have unanswered questions with our caring physicians.

Our vein specialists
have verifiable


If you want safe and effective treatment for varicose veins or spider veins, you need a doctor with significant, relevant experience. Each of our vein specialists is certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine and has a depth of experience in all-encompassing care, training as hospitalists, vascular surgeons, pain specialists, and more, in addition to vascular medicine. Their qualifications are measurable and confirmed through rigorous review by the ABVLM.

*New vein doctors might be completing board certification when this is published.

Our treatment plans always incorporate your input.

Each vein doctor in our practice takes a collaborative approach, sharing your symptoms with other experts on our team for the most comprehensive analysis. We understand that patients are in tune with their own bodies, so we always use your goals and preferences in our diagnostic process. Every patient’s case is submitted to our medical directors for quality assurance and rigorous review. At our Paramus and Clifton vein centers, you work with an esteemed doctor who applies the expertise of our entire team.

Our credentials
are unsurpassable.


Only a handful of vein clinics achieve accreditation in vascular medicine by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. Our Clifton and Paramus, New Jersey, vein clinics received accreditation not only in vascular medicine, but also in vascular imaging, surpassing all vein care standards. You won’t find a more qualified spider and varicose vein clinic in New Jersey. *New vein clinic locations may be completing the approval process when this is published.

Our solutions
are adaptable
and customizable.


Our New Jersey vein clinics house the best vein doctors and latest technology for vein care. In addition, we partner with our other facilities throughout the country for endless resources to treat your veins. Your physician will discuss your case with other doctors and submit your details for our Medical Director’s review, so that several experts weigh in on your diagnosis. You’re guaranteed top of the line treatment adapted precisely to you.

Our vein
centers offer
state-of-the-art care.

Our premiere NJ vein centers hold the unique distinction of dual accreditation in vascular imaging and venous medicine. Following a rigorous approval process, we achieved this rare recognition from the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission for the exceptional level of care in all of our vein centers. The extensive review of our practice revealed the highest marks in quality, safety, and performance, proving us supremely qualified to treat vein disease.

*New clinic locations might be in the approval process at the time of publication.

Our board-certified vein doctors are distinctly trained.

Some vein clinics in Paramus and Clifton have to rely on assistants to operate ultrasound technology. But minimally invasive vein treatments now utilize ultrasonography for multiple steps, including placing a catheter in your vein, injecting adhesives, and charting the course of powerful foam through your veins. Therefore, our NJ vein doctors are the ones manipulating the devices throughout your procedure, rather than an ultrasound technician.

Our doctors are
ranked as 5-star
vein specialists


A quick glance through Facebook, Google, or RealSelf reveals that our vein doctors are second to none in cities throughout the country. Our neighbors in Bergen County can count on us for exceptional care, just like our patients in NY, CA, and TX can.

Our 5-star
reviews speak for themselves.

Patient satisfaction is guaranteed at our New Jersey Vein Centers. Check out our favorable reviews on Facebook, Google, and RealSelf to see why patients love our NJ vein centers.

Our 5-star
reviews speak for themselves.

Patient satisfaction is guaranteed at our New Jersey Vein Centers. Check out our favorable reviews on Facebook, Google, and RealSelf to see why patients love our NJ vein centers.

Our 5-star
reviews speak for themselves.

Patient satisfaction is guaranteed at our New Jersey Vein Centers. Check out our favorable reviews on Facebook, Google, and RealSelf to see why patients love our NJ vein centers.

Our 5-star
reviews speak for themselves.

Patient satisfaction is guaranteed at our New Jersey Vein Centers. Check out our favorable reviews on Facebook, Google, and RealSelf to see why patients love our NJ vein centers.

Our billing system
is simple.


Insurance plans are often intentionally confusing for patients. We cut through the confusion by accepting all major carriers, and by determining your coverage ahead of time and submitting required documents for you. You’ll never receive treatment from us without knowing what it will cost. Our insurance team excels at breaking the pricing down into discernible facts so you’re never uninformed. Since our doctors are board certified, and our facilities are accredited, many of our treatments are fully covered. *Our doctors assist patients whose insurance coverage requires meeting medical necessity requirements like symptom presentation or trial of support stockings by determining their eligibility.

Our patient
is unparalleled.


Imagine a doctor who answers your calls or texts directly, whenever you need to reach them. That’s the reality at our New Jersey vein clinics, where concierge coordinators enable around-the-clock contact between patient and doctor so you’re never uncertain about anything. Our Harvard-trained director devised a superior system so patients are always informed and assured throughout their quick and easy treatment process.

Our vein doctors
will always be your


Do you love our vein clinics in Clifton or Paramus but now you have to relocate? No need to fret, our vein doctors are always right where you need them to be. We have award-winning clinics in NYC, Jericho, Lindenhurst, Houston, San Diego, and San Jose, plus more locations opening soon. And remember, with our concierge care system, we’re never more than a text away

Meet Our New Jersey Vein Specialist

DR. Sareh Rajaee

Spider Veins and Varicose Veins Specialists

Dr. Sareh Rajaee is the leading vein doctor in New Jersey, currently 
seeing patients at the vein clinics in Paramus and Clifton, NJ. 
She’s an incredibly talented, compassionate, and experienced vein doctor.

Yale Medical School

DR.Tood Kobrinski

Spider Veins and Varicose Veins Specialists

Dr. Todd Kibrinski is the leading vein doctor in New Jersey, currently seeing patients 
at his vein clinics in Paramus, Woodland Park and Clifton, NJ. 

George Washington University

Dr. Mitchell Karmel

Spider Veins and Varicose Veins Specialists

Dr. Karmel holds Board certifications in Interventional Radiology, Diagnostic
Radiology, and Vein Disease. He is currently seeing patients in our Vein Clinic in Clifton New Jersey.

Harvard Medical School

Do you have Varicose or Spider Veins on your legs?

Earlier Treatment,
Better results.

How do you know if you are a candidate for vein treatment?

If you experience any of the following symptoms, our ivy-league trained vein doctors will scan your legs and revise the health of your veins. Come in today! Most Insurance including Medicare covers all vein treatments.


  • General discomfort or swelling
  • Pain after a long day of walking
  • Itchiness
  • Leg heaviness

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Find Your Nearest New Jersey Vein Specialist

Our New Jersey vein clinics are located in Clifton, Woodland Park and Paramus.
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Spider and
Varicose Vein
Treatments in our NJ Vein Clinic.

Non-invasive, non-surgical


Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure that usually requires no anesthesia or special preparation by the patient.

Radiofrequency ablation

Thermal ablation is the process of directing heat at unhealthy veins to induce their closure. With endovenous ablation.

Laser Ablation

Under local anesthetic, Laser Ablation is an in-office procedure for treating Chronic Venous Insufficiency.


ClariVein doesn’t necessitate the use of heat or anesthesia.


This technique seals defective veins with a proprietary medical adhesive 

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